Shadowmoor Preview Month Contest: VOTE!

Posted on Thursday, May 8th, 2008 by Good Gamery
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The Shadowmoor Preview Month Contest has come to an end! Did you have fun seeing all the awesome content pour in? Shut up! We’ve got no time for such nonsense. Here are all the entries:


Shadowmoor, Torment Crash M:TG Reunion Party

Dr. Magic Cards!

Deep Blue/Black Sea

The Downtime Diaries

Shadowmoor Nights, Part II

Shadowmoor Nights, Part I


‘Chop: NOM! NOM! NOM!

Wizards Announces Shadowmoor Theme Song


Zen and the Art of Shadowmoor Limited

“Sympathy for the Inneffable” Lyrics

The Last Jelly Moose


PS Elves Yu: FNM Report

PS Goblins Yu: GP Philadelphia Report


NJ’s Shadowmoor Constructed Review


Invincible Counterfeit Troll

Good Gamery News for April 25, 2008


Top 8 to 10

New DCI Promo Announcement: LOLSpellz

Shadowmoor Preview: Holy Shift, Batman!

Shadowmoor Previews: Grin & Bear It


Magic Arcana: I Want to Ride My Charcycle

Second Shadowmoor Preview Booster Surfaces

The Jester!

And Now for the Other Crap II

And Now for the Other Crap…

The Sage!

The HMS Titanic: What Really Happened?

We’ll have two votes. The first vote is “WHAT WOULD YOUR IDEAL TOP 4 BE?” You can vote for up to 4 contributors! After we get our top 4, we’ll have a vote for who in the top 4 should win it all, in which you may vote for only one contributor.

(Get to voting, jabroni! Voting ends Tuesday, May 13.)