Good Gamery St. Patrick’s Day Contest

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 by Good Gamery
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Greetings :vulcan hand greeting:. My name is Spock, of the Vulcan race. I am from the 23rd century — the Year of Our Lord 2295, to be exact. That’s correct. I am… from the future.

I have boldly come to this time, in the distant past, for I am on a mission. That mission is to travel to 1930s Dublin, to be painted by Harry Kernoff in a piece entitled “A Bird Never Flew on One Wing.” If I do not create a casual explanation for this anomalous painting, we’ll be stuck in a doomed tangent universe a la Donnie Darko. It also, logically, sounds like a raging fun way to spend St. Patrick’s Day.

Along the way, however, I intend to help Good Gamery spoil the contents of this fall’s Magic: The Gathering block, nicknamed “Live/Long/Prosper.”

See that temporal anomaly over there? Right there :points at the wall:. I invite all to enter into it and travel to the future, for this anomaly is a portal into the future. There you will extract information about this fall’s block. You may write your own report. Or you might brave the labyrinthine depths of to extract articles. Either way, you will return and submit this content to he who is the head administrator at Good Gamery, via forum PM (“paz”) or via gmail (“extremestan”). Logically, you may even submit multiple items.

(In other words, this contest asks that you submit humorous content regarding the cards, flavor, or development of this fall’s block, currently known only as “Live/Long/Prosper.”

Or, you know, you can write about something else that’s funny or strategic. That’ll count too.)

The persons who accomplish this task most excellently, as voted upon by their peers, will receive material compensation. This is, I hear, what compels people in this primitive age.

  • 1st place: Three “Shards of Alara” boosters and one of “Tezzeret, the Seeker,” “Birds of Paradise,” “Burning Wish,” or “Living Wish
  • 2nd place: Three “Shards of Alara” boosters and one of the remaining three of the above cards
  • 3rd place: Three “Shards of Alara” boosters and one of the remaining two of the above cards
  • 4rd place: Three “Shards of Alara” boosters and the remaining card of the above cards

There’s one catch. Logically, every time this content is published, the future will be altered. Thus, published items may not be consistent with one another. And this content is not predestined to be related to your science fiction mythos “Star Trek,” of which I know nothing. Though it can possibly be related. I am uncertain.

Logically, it’s time for you to enter the temporal anomaly and submit some content. The contest will end around St. Patrick’s Day, with submitted content being published all along the way. Take heed when I say that the state of the universe is depending on you taking part, for better or for worse, logically.

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