Unforeseen Complications

Posted on Monday, June 7th, 2010 by Wizards of the Coast Staff
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Magic has always been a social game. In the beginning you played with a deck and a friend. Then some people started experimenting with multiple opponents and partners. Now Archenemy allows you to take on a whole gang at once.

We realize though that these options may not be enough for some people. Thanks to advancing social networking tools and declining mores, some players may find they have relationships that aren’t covered by our existing products and formats. It is for them we are proud to announce the It’s Arch-Complicated™ line of products starting in mid 2011. Among other configurations, It’s Arch-Complicated™ will allow you to:

  • Play with one other person who is your opponent on even numbered turns and your partner on odd numbered turns.
  • Play subgames with entirely different opponents, hopefully without your main game opponent noticing.
  • Play a series of mirror matches, so you can really get a good look how great your deck is in action.
  • Play with a partner whom you try to convince that damaging you and destroying your cards would be fun for both of you, and he or she should do so until you say “pineapple.”
  • Play a series of quick, casual games versus opponents who sat down expecting this to lead to a serious match.
  • Goldfish your deck while surreptitiously watching an unrelated game between unknowing strangers.
  • Play against up to 7 cats at a time.

It is important to stress that even with these and other options approaching, there will still be limits. For instance, we will never support a format where you play against children. That would just be sick.