Summer of Emilevin’ (contest)

Posted on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 by Good Gamery
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Emilevin’, \ˌěm-əl-‘ěv-ən\ (n.)

  1. Hanging out while playing the Magic 2011 Core set.

  2. Relaxin’. Chillaxin’. Warlord’s Axein’.

  3. Friends, Magic cards, and 40s of 211.

People employ many different strategies to beat the summer heat. But nothing’s more refreshing than popping open a crisp, ice-cold booster pack of M11. To celebrate the great tasting, less filling new Core set, we’re having another content contest.


Every piece of humorous and/or awesome content you submit between now and the end of AUGUST is automatically entered, whether it be fake cards, funny articles, or even set reviews and tournament reports.

  • Submitted content doesn’t have to be about M11 stuff!
  • You can submit multiple items over the duration of the contest!


How Do I Submit an Entry?

I’m pleased you asked. Please take a look at these instructions.

Two Ways to Win!

The total prize pool consists of a BOOSTER BOX of M11 and a BOOSTER BOX of Rise of the Eldrazi. There are two ways to win packs from this pool: weekly Best Content Item awards, and final Best Overall Contributor awards.

FIRST WAY TO WIN: Weekly Awards

Each week during the contest, the Good Gamery community will vote on which single ITEM was the best ITEM of the week.

Week 1 (July 18-24): 3 booster packs

Week 2 (July 25-31): 3 booster packs

Week 3 (August 1-7): 3 booster packs

Week 4 (August 8-14): 3 booster packs

Week 5 (August 15-21): 3 booster packs

Week 6 (August 22+): 3 booster packs

Each winner may decide his or her ratio of M11 to RoE packs.


At the end of the contest, the Good Gamery community will vote on who were the best CONTRIBUTORS to the overall contest. In the past, this has generally been determined by quality, but quantity can help, too.

First, we’ll have a vote that narrows it down to the top 3. Then, we’ll have a run-off vote to determine the order of the top 3.

1st place: 24 booster packs

2nd place: 18 booster packs

3rd place: 12 booster packs

Each winner may decide his or her ratio of M11 to RoE packs from the remaining prize pool (1st picks first, etc.).

Get involved! Team up!

Need ideas? Don’t know how to make cards? Want to collaborate on one or more items (and work out any prize splits for the weeklies yourselves)? Get on Java chat! Get into the contest thread and post! Everyone is welcome to participate. And even if you don’t win, you’ll always get constructive feedback to help you for next time.

How Do I Submit an Entry, Again?

Alright, one more time. Please take a look at these instructions.

The Ultimate Emilevin’

Soon after the contest ends, the biggest event of the summer begins: GGC 2010! Make your way to Portland, OR USA to attend GP Portland on the weekend of September 11, 2010, and you’ll simultaneously attend the Good Gamery Convocation!

GP events during the day, tabletop gaming and partying at night.

M11. 211. September 11.

(remember to snag a shirt in time for the event)