“Where Did All the Mist and Rain Go?” asks Borko the Bear

Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 by Greengrocer
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Man, I used to love living here. The mist wafting through the trees, tropical rain pattering on the wide leaves of hardwood trees and washing away that early morning humidity. Piranhas at play in the abundant streams and brightly-colored frogs croaking in the short hours of twilight.

Then this freaky mermaid-looking wizard turned up and ruined it.

She muttered some sort of spell and then grimaced as though she was in pain – I’d say about as much pain as if you were stung by a hornet. Then everything turned sideways and the next thing I know, I’m just in a regular forest. No mist, no rain, and the trees are all oaks, pines and suchlike. I’m not meeting anyone except wolves, boars and elf after elf after elf – what happened to all the fish crabs?

Not only that, I keep seeing cat warriors and boggart loggers tramping through here like they’re on their way to beat somebody up, and no one can seem to stop them.

I think I’m going to move to those nice wooded foothills I’ve been hearing about.