Did It Have To Be Dragons, Ask Tarkirians

Posted on Saturday, January 24th, 2015 by Greengrocer
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Tarkir residents said today that while they appreciate Sarkhan Vol going back in time to retrieve a race of creatures that had been missing from their world, they aren’t certain that dragons were the best choice.

“Is he mad?” asked Temur representative Kurrash The Ferocious. “I know he meant well but these things have been nothing but trouble. The skies are full of the things, flying around breathing fire, ice, poison, you name it. I was happier when it was just that one lammasu.”

“It’s true that we used to revere dragons, yes. But that was when they’d been dead for a thousand years. Some people in other worlds revere Mahatma Gandhi, I’m told, but they wouldn’t necessarily want him moving in next door, or taking to the skies to rain fiery destruction on the bivouacs of ordinary people.”

Abzan’s Fazenaza The Brooding agreed. “I don’t see why the lack of dragons on Tarkir was such a big deal, personally. Why couldn’t that awful man have brought back some elves instead, or kithkin? Or how about metathrans? We haven’t heard much about them for a while, so they would have been a good way to bolster the population.”

“Yeah that’s right, bolster,” she continued. “It’s a perfectly good word that is in common usage. It certainly doesn’t sound clunky to me.”

Vol himself was unrepentant. “My focus groups have told me time and again that dragons are the most popular type of creature bar none,” he said. “Anyway, the threat to ordinary Tarkirians has been overstated. Many of these new ones are overcosted Timmy-bait that will never see constructed play.”