Announcing… From the Vault: Dack Fayden

Posted on Friday, May 6th, 2016 by Dack Fayden
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Dack Fayden in a Wizards Polo

Nothing is safe.

Not your cards, not your mom, not even your face. For that matter, neither are the set lists for every unreleased set through 2018, including…


… because he stole them all.

Coming this summer, From the Vault: Dack Fayden is a 15-card box set including all brand-new cards, plus a special version of the greatest thief in the multiverse, Dack Fayden*. You’ll want to think twice about leaving the table to get another can of Dew, or the consequences of turning your head after hearing a loud noise from your mom’s room, because in that instant you might just have the game stolen from you — with From the Vault: Dack Fayden, you can avoid fate and sleep sound knowing if anyone’s stealing anything from you, it’s Dack.

* From the Vault: Dack Fayden will not include Dack Fayden, as every copy was stolen during a break-in at Carta Mundi. In its place will be a mail-in IOU once we are able to locate the missing copies.


Each card includes a new anti-counterfeiting hologram, as well as the special foil process used in previous From the Vault sets, however this time we’ve gone above and beyond. You might notice a slight bulge in the middle of your cards, which comes from an RFID chip embedded inside of each card, so that you know if your copies get swiped or even switched out for someone else’s. Each card will be truly unique, a fitting prize for any great thief looking for the rarest artifacts and enchantments the world of Magic has to offer.



If you have any information about either the stolen set lists or stolen Dack Fayden cards, please contact us at mailto:[email protected].

Until next time, reach out and take victory. And rubies.