Post-Modern Masters

April 4th, 2017
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by Evan Erwin wearing a Beret

Mark Rosewater is the single greatest living artist of our time.


Announcing… From the Vault: Dack Fayden

May 6th, 2016
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by Dack Fayden

Nothing is safe.

Not your cards, not your mom, not even your face. For that matter, neither are the set lists for every unreleased set through 2018, including…


Odric, Flippy Flappy Tactician

March 31st, 2016
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Boy, Odric, Lunarch Marshal sure can grant a lot of abilities! Here’s a look at the original design. We shaved a number of keywords after development raised concerns about “rules confusion”, “tournament time limits”, “shuffling nightmares”, and “how on earth would you even print this”. Take a look for yourself if you want to really flip out!