Judge’s Corner #6

Posted on Friday, October 13th, 2017 by the Good Gamery Judge Team
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Welcome back to our regular series Judge’s Corner, where we answer your Magic: the Gathering rules questions.

Q: Can players decide the outcome of a tournament match by playing another game, such as Hearthstone?

A: A match cannot be determined by a random method.

Q: I saw a Mox Ruby the other day, and the type line says “Mono Artifact.” What does that mean?

A: It means that Mox Ruby is restricted in Vintage.

Q: What does “Until end of turn” mean?

A: Turning a magic card is called “tapping.” So “until end of turn” lasts as long as it takes to turn a card 90 degrees.

Q: The Eldritch Moon card Providence says that I may reveal it from my “opening hand” to make my life total 26. What is my “opening hand”?

A: Pretend that you are unscrewing a pickle jar. One of your hands naturally holds the jar and the other turns the lid. The one turning the lid is your opening hand.

Q: If there are no cards in either player’s graveyard, and I want to kill my opponent’s Tarmogoyf with a Blaze, what should X be?

A: X should be silver, indicating that your Blaze is an uncommon card from Tenth Edition.

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