Card Alterer Unveils Latest Masterpiece

Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2021
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BAKERSFIELD, CA – Local card alterer and gift from the gods Michael Heath unveiled his latest masterpiece to critical acclaim last Friday. The piece in question was an altered Jace, the Mind Sculptor, in which the mighty planeswalker now resembles the popular cartoon character Homer Simpson eating a donut.

Homer, the Mind Sculptor

We gave this beautiful gem the white-glove treatment while scanning it for this image. Too precious for words.

“I don’t know how to describe it,” said Alex Bridges, local player and avid fan. “It was as though a wave of warmth and joy had washed over me, and that everything would be all right. It felt like I was in the womb again.”

“The juxtaposition of the powerful mage and the bumbling fool, cast in their classical roles as the king and the jester, is exquisite,” art critic Maria Hernandez wrote. “It brings to mind the works of Raphael or Botticelli. Truly, a piece for the ages.”


An up-close shot of the masterpiece in action. Triple-sleeved, of course.

The original artwork currently resides in Barry’s Games above the cash register, where hundreds of pilgrims flock to bask in its resplendent majesty. For those unable to make the arduous journey, fret not: Heath has also uploaded photos, along with original concept art, to his WordPress blog.

When approached as to what wonders he would grace us with next, Heath deigned to share with us just a hint of his infinite brilliance: “Have you ever watched Futurama?”

art gallery

Just one part of Heath’s newest collection, In the Shadow of No Eldrazi, on permanent display at Barry’s Games.