This Magic: the Gathering Story is Blocked In Your Region

Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 LSK
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An update on Magic Story: We will tell the stories we want to tell. However, some of our fans won't have access to regionally blocked stories.

You can’t read this Magic: the Gathering story. You’re in a country where witchcraft and sorcery are illegal.

You can’t read this story. It’s blocked in Australia, for implying that spiders are friendly and safe.

You can’t read this story. It’s blocked in Mexico because a wrestler removes his mask.

You can’t read this story. The web page will load for you, but nobody has been able to decipher its cryptic runic language.

You can’t read this story. In this story, Chandra gossips about you personally, and we decided it was probably better if you didn’t see what she had to say about you.

You can’t read this story. Frankly, we’re just not that proud of it.

You can’t read this story. Please ensure your Adblock is enabled first. No one here likes ads.

You can’t read this story. Everyone keeps asking if they can read this story. Buddy, they won’t even let me read this story.

We unfortunately underestimated interest in this story and didn’t purchase enough bandwidth to meet the demand. For fans who were too late to read it, we will be issuing premium copies of some popular stories from Magic’s past as a replacement.

You can’t read this story. The protagonist, love interest, and antagonist are banned in Standard.

Known Issue: Reading this story will cause the current match to end in a draw.

You can’t read this story. It features intellectual property not owned by Wizards of the Coast, republished with implicit verbal consent rather than explicit written consent.

This story is oral tradition only.

This story contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.

You can’t read this story. This story is only available to players who purchased the corresponding Secret Lair.

This story is blocked in your country. It has trample, so you’ll be dealt any excess damage.

This story has been banned in the United States because it contains a trigger phrase for cold-war era Kremlin sleeper agents.

We have disabled the link to this story for your IP address. You have read it over seven hundred times. We are concerned for your well being.

Only one person can read this story at a time, because it features Fblthp, who hates crowds.

You can’t read this story. It is too sad. One of your favorite characters dies. We’re sorry.

You can’t read this story. Your spacecraft has drifted too far from its host star, and you are rapidly losing power.

You can’t read this story. Your mother left specific instructions.

What’ll really bake your noodle is, there is no story.