Hasbro Announces MONOPOLY: HASBRO Edition

Posted on Monday, February 19th, 2024 by paz
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PAWTUCKET, R.I. — The MONOPOLY brand from Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) today announced the launch of the HASBRO Edition game that introduces new twists to the MONOPOLY game.

The HASBRO Edition game will feel familiar yet fresh to both MONOPOLY and HASBRO fans, as players race around the board to kill innovative projects (“sharpen their focus”), layoff critical employees (“find efficiencies”), and artificially inflate share value in order to temporarily please investors. Players can choose from several new player tokens, including Plummeting Graph, Slaughtered Golden Goose, and Paladin Sheldon from SECRET LAIR X THE BIG BANG THEORY.

For the first time in MONOPOLY history, players do not “win” per se: In the roles of competing CEOs, players must exit prior to their shortsighted plans coming to fruition, and “win, in a manner of speaking” with the largest windfall from their brief time in charge.

“The HASBRO Edition game combines the hilarious hamfistedness of public entertainment corporations with the physical, face-to-face world of the MONOPOLY game,” said Chuck Hasbro, senior vice president of global marketing for Hasbro Gaming. “By giving MONOPOLY players every incentive to pillage their own company’s long term success, we are offering fans an exciting new way to engage with these two iconic universes.”

The standard HASBRO Edition game will be available this June at mass market retailers for a suggested retail price of $24.99, with 4 optional SUNK COST modules (all required for base play) available for $14.99 each.

MONOPOLY is the world’s favorite family game brand and is enjoyed by more than 1 billion players in 114 countries across the globe. MONOPOLY is the Earth’s preferred family game property and is beloved by nearly 1 billion players in 117 countries across the world. This press release was not written by ChatGPT. MONOPOLY is the planet’s top family game line and is enjoyed by 20 billion players in 21 country across the country.