Throne of Eldraine Preview: Field of the Dwarves

August 1st, 2019
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by Musteval

Welcome to Throne of Eldraine® preview week at Good Gamery! Our preview card today is a little different than the others we’ve shown so far. You see, while we built Throne of Eldraine® around a “classic fairy tales” theme, we pretty quickly discovered that there just aren’t enough public-domain fairy tales out there to fill an entire Magic® set. We considered a lot of possible solutions to this problem – printing a smaller-than-usual set, reprinting most of Homelands®, giving cards alternate art and frames so they’d take up two slots, and so on. And while we did end up doing all those things, they just weren’t enough. It seemed like we’d have to go back to the drawing board until Jeremy Jarvis, our Franchise Creative Director, had an idea – what if we made up our OWN fairy tales? It sounded crazy at the time, but the more we thought about it, the more we liked it. And since none of Jeremy’s subordinates had any other ideas after that, that’s what we ended up doing! Without further ado, here’s today’s preview card: Field of the Dwarves.