Uncle Mark’s Make-a-New-Format Contest and MWS Tournament [Vote]

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 by Alfred
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If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can find the previous thread here.

Okay! Now we get to vote on what format YOU would like to play with. Write-in votes are accepted too.

Here’s what the formats are:

Mini Epic: (Thought up by Falsenipple) This format is: at the beginning of every player’s upkeep, a 1 mana Sorcery or Instant of their choice will be put on the stack. You pick the Sorcery/Instant before the tournament starts, and must stick with it through each round. The 1 mana I/S can be countered, however, it doesn’t count towards storm. Extended banlist.

Auction of the GG/Mythbusters: This is actually two of RHat’s great ideas rolled into one. The “Mythbusters” part of the format is that every deck in the tournament must include at least 16 Legends, and have no creatures, artifacts or enchantments without the Legendary supertype. Legacy Banlist.

The Auction of the GG side of the equasion is that selected GG forumgoers will create decklists to be put into the decklist “pool”, given the Mythbusters deck restrictions. Players in the tournament will bid in MT2 Chat on the decklists that they want from that pool. If that’s not possible, I’ll randomly number players in the tournament and let them choose the decklists they want in order.

Paint Drops: (Thought up by Palemage) Only spells with a single colored mana symbol in their mana costs are allowed. In other words, spells with a 3G casting cost can be played. Legacy banlist.

Potpourri: (Thought up by Spectre) No more than one card from any set is allowed in your deck i.e. 4 Absorb is okay, 1 Absorb/1 Undermine is not. Core sets are banned. Legacy banlist.

“Look at me, I’m the DCI”: (Thought up by theauthenticsimpsonian) Legacy banlist. Players who will be participating in the tournament send in 3 banned cards and those cards are banned from the format. If there is overlap in chosen banned cards, you won’t get your vote back.

Sorceries and Basics: (Thought up by Paz) Only sorceries and basic lands allowed. Legacy banlist.

So get out there and vote GGers! The next thread will be organizing the MWS tournament!

CHANGE: -1 Potpourri +1 Sorceries and Basics.