Uncle Mark’s Make-a-New-Format Contest and MWS Tournament

Posted on Friday, February 22nd, 2008 by Alfred
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Your Duty: Make a new format for Magic: The Gathering that can be played on MWS.

Details: Essentially, come up with an original Magic: The Gathering format and we will collect the best entries and put them to a vote. Format obviously being the restrictions on which cards can be played, with possible variations and changes to the rules of Magic: The Gathering.

The winning format will be played in a MWS tournament, the specifics of which will be determined at a later date.


  • Try and make the format relatively simple. Nobody wants to memorize the 50 rules that you’ve made up.
  • It has to be playable on MWS. I.E. No manual dexterity cards, no multiplayer formats, no Unglued/Unhinged cards etc.
  • Get it in within the next couple of weeks!


  • Sense of superiority and entitlement.
  • The incredibly coveted Alfred points.
  • Pictures of Paz naked*

*May not actually be Paz.