All is Dust

Posted on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 by Zerkin the Sad
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Posted in mtg, Rise of the Eldrazi Alliance

Looking at this Bloodbraid Elf in my summoning book, I can’t help but wonder, “What’s the point?” Even if by some miracle it doesn’t get countered, I’m just going to end up sacrificing it like I sacrificed the last 5 creatures unfortunate enough to enter my service. I suppose there’s always the cascaded spell, but it will probably be another Borderland Ranger. I just know I’ll have to sacrifice him too.

At least I’ll get a land out of it. But is more mana really what I need? I used to think so, back on turn 1; I was so naïve then. First it was 2 land, then 4, then I thought if I just got to ultimatum mana I’d be satisfied. Now here I am with 10 untapped lands, and I’m still miserable.

Sure they might not die immediately. Maybe they’ll even get to deal some damage. Is that what I’ve come to – hurting others to feel better about myself? Being a planeswalker was supposed to be the rarest and most wonderful of gifts. And how am I using that gift? I’m lashing out at people whose only crime is reminding me of myself.

Well I’ve had enough. I’m going to leave this rat race behind and turn my life around. I think I’ll planeswalk to somewhere peaceful. Maybe a nice beach that doesn’t serve as a spawning bed for krakens, or a forest with regular-sized wildlife with non-magical claws. Yeah, somewhere I can relax, drink some briarberry juice, and enjoy a nice book. I’ve always wanted to finish The Necrologia.