Our Plan for Tonight (Spoiling the ‘Monday 6’)

Posted on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 by Good Gamery
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This article is part of the Rise of the Eldrazi Alliance. Wizards of the Coast is working with Good Gamery, among other fan web sites, to help drum up excitement for the upcoming set. Take a look at the humorous and/or strategic content generated so far, and stay tuned for more ROE-related articles and ‘chops!

Good Gamery was chosen as one of the Magic fan web sites to spoil a pool of 6 cards from Rise of the Eldrazi on Monday — but Monday, as you know, starts at midnight Eastern, or 9:00 PM Pacific. Either way, for most of us, these cards is gonna be spoiled tonight.

And who better to escort these 6 new ROE cards into public knowledge than four of GG’s top Magic players/evaluators? Don’t even try to answer that rhetorical question; it cannot be done.

You heard right. At 9:00 PM Pacific tonight, you’ll not only get the 6 brand new ROE cards, complete with all sorts of big, juicy images, but you’ll also get speculative commentary from Peebles (Benjamin Peebles-Mundy), Llarack (Jarvis Yu), NicotineJones, and Sti (Stuart Wright). Let me tell you about these dudes.

Peebles (Benjamin Peebles-Mundy)

Peebles is an accomplished Magic player and prolific writer for StarCityGames. He played in five Pro Tours, finishing 15th in LA and 22nd in San Diego, and invented Ghost Dad alongside NicotineJones. He is highly involved in the GG community, and is both a GG forum admin and chat op.
Llarack (Jarvis Yu)

Llarack is an awesome Magic Player on Good Gamery. He finished 17th at GP Denver, 27th at GP Philly, day 2 at GP Seattle, 5th place at SCG 5k Richmond, and is currently 8th in the running for MODO Extended Player of the Year. As both a skilled player and a GG chat op, he is universally considered simply… amazing.

NJ is a longtime member of the community whose ability to analyze and speculate about new cards has earned him mad respect. He invented Ghost Dad alongside Peebles, and he’s written several capsule set reviews for Good Gamery, which have been vital in helping our community get a jumpstart on emerging metagames.
Sti (Stuart Wright)

Hailing from England, Sti boasts a European Championships ’03 Top-8, three Pro Tour Top-16 finishes, and 2nd Place Great Britain Nationals ’07, and has impressive ratings in both Constructed and Limited formats. He’s also written for StarCityGames. Read his commentary using a British accent.

See you tonight!