‘Chops: Best of Skeletor

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 by Skeletor
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The first thing I posted on MT was some terrible photoshop of Demon tokens. I think I just added reminder text saying it was a token or something, making fun of the WotC reminder text.

The second photoshop was the fractal split card. I don’t have the original, but I later redid it using proper frames:

It was a smash success, and probably the reason I kept posting at MT.

People also enjoyed this one while Arnold was running for Governor, and there was some scandal about him groping somebody.

Then I missed so bad with my Goblin Pussy Wagon photoshop that I didn’t even save it.

Someone responded to this with a clampclamp — an equip that equpped to equips.

So I did a summationclamp:

When Daniel Myr was doing MODO stuff, he kept giving us info and retracting it later:

This was in response to some argument where someone kept calling Goblin Sledder a Mons’ Goblin Raiders or something:

This was in a “make a card making fun of yourself” thread:

Nobody found this as funny as I did:


Making fun of card art:


I hoped people would use this to tell people to STFU on the forum, but they didn’t:

This was during 5th dawn spoilers. I guess we knew it was going to be a weird set. We did not yet know there would be a -1/-1 sunburst creature.

This was a demonstration of how I keep my life total IRL;

And this is my fav: