GG News: Bomb Scares Uncommon on the 10th Floor of the M Building

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009 by slearch
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Recent bomb scares on the 10th floor in the venerable M building have many of the workers there worried.

Willis Ramo is head of security for the building and says that scares such as these, though uncommon, are nothing new to the building. As such, he claims, his staff is well prepared to deal with such threats.

“The key thing for my men is to be alert, and that starts with a good Sleep,” Willis said. “Then if a crisis hits, like a Fireball suddenly ripping through the building, they have enough Control of their Mind to not be Overrun with emotions and effectively get all the civilians out of Harm’s Way,” he continued.

Serra Angel,” he added.

When asked about what measures he has in place, Willis could not go into specifics citing security concerns, but did offer one tidbit. “You know, between you and me,” Willis said while leaning in and lowering his voice, “this isn’t even the 10th floor! We put a big M10 placard over the 11th floor sign to throw ’em off!”.