Planeswalkers Search for Eldrazi

Posted on Friday, March 12th, 2010 by Vandermonde
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This article is part of the Rise of the Eldrazi Alliance. Wizards of the Coast is working with Good Gamery, among other fan web sites, to help drum up excitement for the upcoming set. Watch for new ROE-related articles and ‘chops, and check back on midnight this Sunday night (March 14/15 midnight) for 6 ROE card spoilers.

The Eldrazi were once the most feared force imaginable – terrible beings from the space between worlds who sought to reshape the planes in the grey, featureless image of their home. But they had been banished for so long, that their memory had all but faded from the multiverse.

There was however still one prophecy that told of a time, soon to come, that their minions would spill forth from their prison and once again threaten the planes. Two planeswalkers discovered it, and swore to work together to defeat the Eldrazi threat once and for all. They unraveled the cryptic clues of the prophecy’s text to learn of the general area and time of their emergence, but sadly, not its direction.

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